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Server: TR, Skin: Dark Star Mordekaiser For some reason your videos does not show up on my home page so I have to search for your videos every week or so. Anyone who gets first letha mythic wins, be it a l bruiser,assassin or adc. Damian преди 7 месеца.

Too much work to relearn items lol. Не знам как да го обясня. I know a lot of the space for videos like those are taken by big name casters like Phreak or LS, but hearing your first impressions would give a different perspective to the game than what those other videos offer.

Server:NA Skin:dark star morde Its good to see you are back and i am looking forward to this volibear rework it looks like so much fun. You can read about the program here: partners.

Boris Austria преди 7 месеца.

Maybe my last video by [sdt]flame [Носталгия Welcome back, Monk. Not when you have a high stack mejai. Feels like I just watched a NightBlue3 video. Thanks for the vid! Glad to know everything is cool though?

  • I dont want to see a highlight, i am watching the video anyway.
  • Loli преди 7 месеца. Marethyu преди 7 месеца.

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Sour Apple преди месец. Damian преди 7 месеца. Nathan billy преди месец. Tyler преди 7 месеца. Joseph Lee преди месец.

  • Keep up the content just got back into league and was sooo happy to see all the wukong videos man Coven LB NA-Greeneggsntilt. Voice of Reason преди 7 месеца.
  • Andrew Lovering преди месец. Why are people suprised that she is broken.

Muskokan преди месец. Скоро още клипчета и с POV. Hunter преди месец. Shanur Syed преди 7 месеца. I totally get the struggle with quarantine.

Good luck with finishing the app, sounds like quite the undertaking. Some monsters feel stronger, others slightly weaker. D Hybrid преди 7 месеца.


От днес се почват новите клипове в канала. Bora преди 7 месеца. Christopher Wong преди месец.

SodaIsBad2 преди месец. Clau Emi преди месец. Gavrata Mazalov преди месец. Draco Diablo преди 7 месеца. Sour Apple преди месец.

Marco FIlipe преди месец. She was a fucking amazing champ before season Както и да е. Pedro Montilla they honestly seem to be about my level lol.

  • Im on euw and i like the lb skin the most, also glad to see another video i missed it :D.
  • От днес се почват новите клипове в канала.
  • Corey McNaught преди 7 месеца.
  • Whose man Is this Since they removed talisman and buffed the camps, her clear isnt as healthy as it used to be, so you have to use ignite on raptors or youll die.

I have this same problem. Rushing death cap is the better option in that case. Jarrod Stringer преди 7 месеца. Zeus Hengie преди 7 месеца. League of legends pbe sign up euw you gank and kill someone and they teleport back on a minion in the middle of the lane YOU need to abuse the shit out of him and put him soo behind your lane will be fine for a while. Good to have you back!!!!. Earoothad Targaryen преди 7 месеца. Toxic Dog преди месец.

Хвана ни носталгията и решихме да качим клипа от това. Just old items are better and design are better. Little Tiny преди месец. Awesome video of Aftershock, Raid Boss Volibear.

Hope school continues to go well. Maxi Larrat преди месец. Hey man nothing to apologize for everybody has to take a break from time to time.

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