Miguel angel felix gallardo and rafael caro-quintero

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Eduardo Glez преди 8 дни. Fernando Pineda преди 4 месеца. CervezAholic преди 9 месеца.

Gallos DLasierra преди 10 месеца. I liked his music too, listened and watched three videos so far and will more than likely listen to more. I like chalino with Los 4 de la frontera better than when he was with Los amables. El unico que falta de salir de carcel es miguel feliz y el guero.

Poison Garcia преди 4 месеца. Iba a conocer el bufalo y nada

V M преди 7 дни. Gallos DLasierra преди 10 месеца. Carlos Martinez преди 7 дни. Jose Pena преди 5 месеца. Jessica Garza преди 5 месеца. Jose Contreras преди 11 дни.

Информация относно статистическите данни от страницата. Tomas Maldonado преди 7 месеца. Jose Lopez преди 6 дни.
  • I still have some radio cassettes and CDs of chalino
  • Miguel Mercado преди 12 дни.

Ballad of Felix Gallardo

He was true to his heart till the end. Luis Lopez преди 4 месеца. Alexander Hernandez преди 7 месеца. Rose HG преди 3 месеца. Jesus Rodriguez преди 5 месеца.

  • Vanessa Orozco преди 15 часа.
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Judi Tenemp преди 3 месеца. Thank you all for the support!!. Вижте повече. Mariette Suarez преди 2 месеца. Kriss преди 10 месеца. I liked his music too, listened and watched three videos so far and will more than likely listen to more. Thanks for introducing us to him and telling us his story. Will Atwood преди 9 месеца.

Bien plus que des documents.

Is it equal to the loneliness of evil? Leonardo Vega Durazo преди 4 месеца. Rafa P преди 10 месеца. Thank you.

Marco Antonio Ahuactzin преди 4 месеца. S C A преди 4 месеца. Juan Zarate преди 6 месеца! Francisco Castro преди 6 месеца. Jaime Delgado преди 7 месеца.

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My family is also from GTO. Porch Pirates. As someone that has been a Chalino fan since the womb and carries his memory tattooed on my body I truly appreciate you bringing this knowledge to many more people that have yet to discover his wonder. Y los putos de Netflix haciendo documentales como si hubieran sido unos grandes personajes..

Jose Minchoca преди 7 месеца. Francisco Mendoza Velazquez преди 10 дни. Julie Howman преди 10 месеца. Amlo desidiera entrarle aeste juego pendejo de agarrar a caro quintero seria igual alo que el tanto critica el mayor de todos los corruptos, cuando un ciudadano. That chalino story was fake about him killing the man who rape his sister I know he duda corrido about it but that corrido was fake his wife even said it. MayraI R m z Cnls преди 7 месеца, miguel angel felix gallardo and rafael caro-quintero.

Its also a pretty good example of what "investing in people" truly means. Los fiscales son apasionados y sabuesos en busca de justicia Tomas Maldonado преди 7 месеца.

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No judging love yall hugs in my lane. Hippie Gal преди 10 месеца. Dany Aldair преди 5 месеца.

The he talks about that situation where he killed someone in his hometown is called rosalino sanchez. They are open late and are probably the best after party tacos out there. Jordan Gutierrez преди 6 месеца! Benjamin Martinez преди 3 месеца.

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Amel Villarreal преди 10 месеца. Sus palabras valian, tenian orgullo de hombre de ley y servicial.

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