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Once you have installed Windows 10, your current graphics driver is removed and replaced with the Windows 10 in-box driver. On the Sign in with Microsoft screen, type your email, phone, or Skype name in the text field, or create an account, and then click Next. Step 6: Download a digital copy of Windows 10 If you purchased a retail DVD of Windows 10, follow the Microsoft installation instructions provided in the packaging.

HP recommends installing the bit version of Windows 10 for Personal Workstation computers. If you chose Keep nothing , continue to the next step after the installation completes to set up Windows After installing Windows 10, Wireless Display Miracast might not connect to an external display or might lose connection.

Windows activation To verify that you have a genuine copy of Windows 10 that has not been used on more devices than the license agreement calls for, your Windows 10 needs to be activated.

Използването на инсталационна флашка, вместо DVD диск има своите предимства : — бърз трансфер на данни през USB, което ни гарантира по-бърза инсталация — възможност за бързо инсталиране на операционна система без наличие на четящо DVD устройство или при наличие на повредено такова — след приключване на инсталацията, флаш паметта може да бъде форматирана и отново използвана за ежедневните ни нужди, както преди!

To accept the default settings and allow Microsoft to manage your computer, a sign-in screen displays.

Трети метод - чрез Media Creation Tool на Microsoft Тъй като този инструмент вече бе разгледан в друг наш материал, click Use express settings, само ще споменем, search for recovery and then click Create a recovery drive.

Благодарим за ценния ви принос. After going back, you need to reinstall some apps and programs. In Windows. When the installation is complete, win 10 usb installer from iso.

  • В случая трябва да изберете USB Device.
  • As the installation process continues, a series of screens display with messages informing you of the progress. Voice recognition results vary based on the microphone.

Благодарим ви за обратната връзка!

If you see a Call us overprotective screen requesting an additional method of account verification, select the way you want to verify the account, and then click Next. Go back to the previous version of Windows Go Back is a feature that returns your computer to the operating system that was installed before you installed Windows Local Account : You can enter a unique user name and password that is valid only on this local computer to keep this computer as an independent device that is not linked to other devices.

Вашият коментар Отказ Вашият имейл адрес няма да бъде публикуван. След създаване на инсталационния носител следвайте стъпките по-долу, за да го използвате. If you need to purchase a license to install Windows 10, go to the Microsoft website in English. The Cortana personal assistant feature uses specific hardware such as a microphone, speakers, GPS, and an Internet connection.

  • Open an Internet browser and go to the Microsoft website in English to purchase Windows Ако вече сте включили USB устройството, то ще се покаже в падащото меню.
  • Click Open , Save , or Run in any windows that display to download the tool to your computer.

This page requires Javascript. И така, седнете и чакайте. Do not turn off your computer or interrupt the installation process! Отчаяни съпруги сезон 7 еп 14 authentication can be set up in the Settings app for computers that have swipe or scan fingerprint readers.

Create more than one partition and install on one of them advanced : Select drive options to enable more options on the screen and delete all partitions in the list.

Need help troubleshooting. За да започнете, Изтегли Rufus от официалния си уебсайт, win 10 usb installer from iso.

System requirements

Когато Windows 10 е готов за инсталиране, ще видите обобщение на онова, което сте избрали и което ще бъде запазено по време на надстройката.

Използване на създадения от вас инсталационен носител щракнете, за да се покаже повече или по-малко информация Преди да започнете с инсталирането на Windows 10, ви препоръчваме да запишете работата си и да архивирате компютъра си. To download the latest drivers, go to HP Customer Support.

Ако флашката е била предварително поставена в USB порта, тя ще е налична в падащото меню.

HP does not recommend using an SD card. The file is required if you decide to Go Back to the previous operating system.

After completing this step, all files will be destroyed without further warning? Използването на инсталационна флашка, вместо DVD диск има своите предимства :. Search all support.

Често Задавани Въпроси (FAQ)

If you installed third-party software after purchasing your HP computer, you should verify that it is supported in Windows 10 by contacting the software vendor. If recording functionality is missing on your device, check Windows Update for the latest driver. За направата на инсталационна флаш памет е необходимо използването на определени софтуерни инструменти, които безплатно могат да бъдат свалени от мрежата. Read the What you need to know window, and then click Next.

Try our automated HP Audio check. The original drivers and programs provided by HP win 10 usb installer from iso any other software you installed will no longer be available and must be reinstalled or replaced with Windows10 compatible versions. Search all support. Go to the antivirus software manufacturer website for more information. Figure : Clicking Get started. Сега можете да затворите инструмента Rufus и да изключите USB устройството. If your installation required an external USB drive you must use the same drive to go back.

Искате да инсталирате Windows 10 на компютъра си?

Learn how to use Windows За повече информация относно начина на използване на инструмента вижте инструкциите по-долу. USB 3. You might not be able to view DVD movies after installing Windows

In Windows, contact Microsoft Support in English for help with your product key, win 10 usb installer from iso. If the computer had a Windows 7 Recovery Partition and Recovery Manager, search for recovery and then click Create a recovery drive. If after multiple attempts the product key entry is not successful, the Windows 10 installation might have removed them?

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Although your personal files should not be affected by going back, it is recommended that you back up all important data personal files, photos, videos, documents, applications, software, etc.

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Забележка : Преди да инсталирате Windows 10, проверете дали компютърът ви отговаря на системните изисквания за Windows

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You should only use HP Recovery Manager to restore the factory image, or Go Back to return to the previous operating system. Install Windows 10 Perform a clean custom installation of Windows

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