Classroom Visit & Desk-Free Workshop

Several times a year, Ashley offers a Visit & Workshop Combination!

Visit Details

  • We will meet from 8:30AM - 3:15PM with a 30 minute break for lunch.

  • Teachers will observe at least 4 classes taught in 100% target language with students ranging from Novice-Low to Intermediate-Low (6th to 8th grade).

  • Teachers will participate in a student panel with high schoolers to ask questions about IACS' language program and the continuation at the high school.

Visit Registration
Ashley encourages visitors to come on designated visit days in order to collaborate with other observers, participate in the panel and observe a variety of techniques in one day. The follow-up workshop is important for getting the most out of the visit. But, she wants to make it clear that visitors are also welcome throughout the year for no charge, e-mail Ashley for scheduling. Please register for the next official visit dayonline.

Saturday's Workshop Information
Workshop Time: We will meet from 9AM to 3PM with a ½ hour break for lunch on Saturday.

Workshop Topics: This workshop explores how to implement strategies and systems observed during the visit. The specific topics will be decided by the participants prior to the workshop. Some possible focus topics are strategies for 90%+ target language, community building, assessment, games/activities, building vocabulary lists, lesson planning and more! Participants will dig into what they saw the day before and leave with tools to implement strategies in their own classrooms.

Workshop Registration: Teachers interested in attending the visit & post-visit workshop should register at for $150. Group discounts applied at 15% off for 3 teachers attending together. E-mail Ashley for link to group registration.

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