Proficiency Portfolios, Student Self-Assessment & Feedback
Practices for the Proficiency Based Classroom Workshop

We will explore how to create portfolios to document student growth, strategies and assignments for students to self assess, and effective feedback practices. Feedback can be a powerful tool in the language acquisition process and in helping students to grow. We'll demonstrate how students can interact with the feedback to reflect and set goals as part of the assessment conversation between teacher and student. We will discuss how teachers could sustainably share observations of key student behaviors (like using the target language) as well as their progress toward meeting language proficiency and performance criteria (ACTFL guidelines) with or without attaching a grade. Participants will be able to implement ideas into their own practices immediately.

Participants will:

  • leave with ideas for sustainable systems to provide students with regular feedback on proficiency and performance growth.

  • create a goal for incorporating more feedback in their own practices.

  • be equipped with strategies for having students reflect on feedback and self-assess their own learning.

  • receive writing and speaking prompts at a variety of proficiency levels.

  • explore several platforms for creating student portfolios to document growth.

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