I highly recommend these trainings! I attended her three-day training last summer, and I was amazed at the quality of the training and the number of comprehensible input/communicative language teaching strategies she shared with us. Among those strategies were a multitude of suggestions for building community within the classroom and classroom management ideas. We also learned how to play so many games (as participants) that help students acquire language. I took away a wealth of knowledge, ideas, and ready-to-use classroom activities, not to mention a complete portfolio system that helps motivate students by having them set goals and then witness their progress toward meeting those goals. The portfolios allow students to go back and see work samples, such as videos, from the entire time that they have been in her class. There is no fluff in her trainings. Everything she shares is gold! I definitely want to attend more of her trainings in the future. I am happy that I got in towards the beginning because word will spread quickly, and her conferences will fill up. Ashley truly is inspired! -- Tammy Schmidt, Texas

Ashley, thank you so much for holding a workshop online! I loved todays work and I am excited to try some new things and expand upon some things I already do. You provide us with a window into your classroom and walked us through your first month along with the planning and documents you use. I am sure it will be an invaluable resource as I teach this year! -- Gladys Giraldo McLendon

Such a pleasure to meet you and couldn’t be happier with the workshops. Was so detailed, so effective, so inspiring. And the resources you have shared are just invaluable. -- Jennifer

I have always run an interactive classroom; however, Ashley’s workshop provided me with an entirely new outlook on communicative language learning and proficiency. She runs an incredibly engaging, hands-on classroom that you will experience yourself in the workshop as you practice the activities as her students do. She will show you how it is possible to conduct a class, even at the novice low level, entirely in Spanish, but also help you incorporate new techniques that compliment your own style in the classroom. The best is seeing how the methodology works through student exemplars. We even met some of her students that were all raving about the class and their desire to stay in the target language. I highly recommend partaking in a workshop with Ashley. -- Tracey Greenspan

Seeing it in action, and then having the chance to learn more and discuss was invaluable and really impacted my practice in the classroom. I wish I were closer so I could go again! -- Marureen Conroy, Ohio, attended visit and workshop in September 2017

Ashley opened my eyes to the possibility of not being bored or boring while teaching. My students are using French to have conversations with each other, confidently, because we have practiced constantly in fun and engaging activities. The community-building component is a huge reason that the students have felt comfortable enough with each other to take risks and help each other. Life-changing! -- Louise Palmer

Innovative and energetic, Ashley is an outstanding educator who always seeks the best way to deliver instruction to her students in order that they find success in the classroom. She is open to ideas and is helpful in so many ways. You feel that Ashley will always be there for you on your journey as well. I am thankful to have made her acquaintance and looking forward to collaborating with her in future endeavors. -- Polly Henshaw

I've spent numerous days learning from Ashley in her workshops and during observation days. Her creativity in teaching is truly amazing and inspiring. Her work with students is beautiful, and her work with teachers is nothing short of incredible as well. I always have so many takeaways after doing a workshop or observation with her - games, strategies for keeping kids in the TL, assessment ideas, etc. Ashley is supportive and also knows how to help push one's thinking. I HIGHLY recommend professional development with her! -- Mandy Levine

Ashley is passionate about her work! She is a warm, caring and intuitive teacher and teacher trainer. She is very generous with her time, resources and students. Ashley has helped me build the kind of class I have always desired for my students; friendly, interesting and fun! -- Janet Lash

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