Inspiring Team

Gale Stafford Innovation Academy Charter School    
Wyatt Crane      
Louise Palmer French    
Sarah Kennedy      
Kathryn Haggquist      
Jarno Virtanen      
Maria Smith      
Alison Moran French Teacher, Atlanta Public Schools    
Estela Schmalz Innovation Academy Charter School    
Julie Spenno   Website  
Megan Budke Wayzata Public Schools   Twitter
Mandy Levine      
Laura Sexton   Website Twitter
Alejandra Rivera Young      
Ruth Whalen Crockett New Teachers Collaborative    
Maureen Conroy      
Zachary Netzley Edgewood Middle School, Warsaw, IN Spanish   Twitter
M. Edwards     Twitter

Carlos-Luis Brown

Wilmington Public Schools   Twitter
Madame Carbonneau Walking the Talk   Twitter
Samara Berman      
Dawn Carney     Twitter
Angel Piedra Milford High School, Milford, NH    
Maestra Markarian Forestdale Elementary, Malden, MA    
Gregory Sanchez      
Stefanie Bakken St. Anne’s Episcopal School, Denver, CO    
Jill Schimmel New York City Department of Education    
Amelia Eastin Midview High School, OH    
Margo Brown      
Loyda Zamalloa      
Angela Williams Savannah-Chatham County Public Schools, Savannah, GA   Twitter
Jeannie LaPlatney Francis Parker Essential Charter School    
Rich Madel World Languages Department Chair, Colonial School District    
Kristine Keefe   Website Twitter
Helaine Wemple      
Emily B.      
Nissa Quill   Website  
Catherine Ousselin   Website Twitter
Diane Neubauer University of Iowa doctoral student, Foreign Language & ESL Education Website Twitter
Holly Durham      
Ky Pinkerton Colton-Pierrepont Central School   Twitter
Terri Thayer Academy    
Ana Velazquez      
Leslie Anton Nashua HS North, NH    
Michelle Bloom- Scheff      
Marissa Coulehan      
Joshua Cabral      

Inspired Backers

  • Caro Spring
  • Maris Hawkins
  • Melanie Thomas
  • Danielle S.
  • Marietta Lees
  • Jason O’Neil-Willoughby
  • Manga Sensei Podcast
  • Diego Ojeda
  • Beth Hanlon

2 Comments so far:

  1. Incredible work on your site, reading it all the way from Ireland. Hope to make my leaflet distribution site just as good Tom

  2. kristen wolf says:

    Hello!! I love your podcast. It’s fantastic!!! You mentioned that we could write in if we had an idea to contribute. I would love to be interviewed on your podcast. I have a few ideas for topics!
    I am dyslexic and have documented learning disabilities. I have made modifications (differentiation) to my classes that have allowed other students like myself to feel empowered and capable of acquiring a language. I would love to discuss this more with your listeners!

    Another idea, is I have had great success with students in elementary/ middle school classes to help them to build their own stories. It’s a variation on the methods that Tina Hargaden and Ben Slavic (the Invisibles) have developed and I think others might latch onto my ideas that are geared for classes that only meet 1-2 times per week.

    In addition, I could also talk about Story Listening (from Dr. Beniko Mason) and how I have made it work in my adult and high school classes.

    One last idea, I thought about discussing various technology pieces that I utilize to streamline everything that I do, so I can use it again and again. One of which is EdPuzzle, EduCreations and Snapchat.

    I teach at 8 schools locally here in Bozeman, MT and I work with students in grades K-Adult. It’s fun! My blog isn’t as developed as I would like, but it’s OR you can check me out on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/ YouTube @LaLobaLista
    Thank you for your time and consideration!

    I love your podcast and I truly want to thank you for keeping it fresh and interesting. It’s so helpful!

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